What are Compounding Services?

An explanation of what compounding is and just what we can do for you

Whilst most pharmacies can compound basic preparations such as simple creams, being a compounding pharmacy means we have invested in complex machinery, equipment, raw materials and undertaken advanced training that enables us to create advanced dose forms and medicines that meets the specific requirements of each patient.

One of the chief reasons for offering compounding is the flexibility it offers. Doctors, Veterinarians and other prescribers are not limited to the manufactured dose. Nor are they limited to a particular dose form

typically blood pressure tablets come in 75mg, 150mg and 300mg doses, we are able to make any strength the doctor requires: Say a 95mg capsule.

where a patient may not be able to take a tablet we can present the medication in a solution to easily swallow, a cream to be rubbed into the skin, a suppository for delivery rectally or intra-vaginally or a trochee to dissolve slowly in the mouth

Patients who have allergies or other specific needs can have their medication prepared specifically for them.   Unfortunately Australia is considered a small market in world terms and large scale economics means many medications are not “viable” to be mass manufactured or imported to Australia and so we are able to compound many discontinued lines or lines that aren’t otherwise available. Medication taste is often a deterrent to taking the required amount of medication to properly treat a patient’s complaint, we can remove or alter the flavour of many medicines.

a compounding pharmacy can make a formulation that doesn’t contain ANY colours, preservatives or other common additives such as lactose or alcohol
items no longer available such as cafergot can be prepared for patients requiring this medication
altering the flavour of a medicine for “picky” children (or Adults and Pets)!

Occasionally some manufactured preparations are unavailable for various reasons and we are able to compound a replacement until stock arrives.


Another major reason to produce a compounded medication is to improve a patient’s compliance, that is we can often combine a number of drugs or vitamins into one capsule which is both easier to remember and easier to swallow. (often this can have financial advantages as well).

While Ovestin cream was unavailable, we were able to make a cream with the same constituents that many patients preferred over the original brand

Drugs can be combined to avoid taking multiple tablets and specific doses of all excipients can be customised to the patient’s needs

Compounding is not a simple process, it often involves considerable research and time in preparation, but it is an integral part of what we offer at Artz & Kay compounding pharmacy and helps us better problem solve more complex medication issues with our customers

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