Medication Reviews

A comprehensive look at all aspects of your medication

pharmacist giving advice

Are you getting the most from your medication?

Invite our trained and accredited pharmacists to discuss your medication in the privacy of your own home

  • Show you how to take your medications correctly
  • Explain why and when to take them
  • Explain where and how they should be stored
  • What to expect when taking your medication
  • What problems should be brought to your GP’s attention
  • Checking prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines and vitamins are appropriate together
  • Suggest means to ensure medications are taken at correct times
  • Suggest changes to medication
  • Answering any other questions

Get the most from your medication


Current medications are extremely effective, yet their interactions with other medications can be complex and it is important to take and store them correctly.

It is important to maximise the benefits of your treatment and that is the aim of a comprehensive medication review.

A medication review will look at all aspects of your current treatments and provide you with knowledge to ensure the maximum benefit from them. We then write a report back to your GP before a final recommendation is made.

This service is fully funded if you meet the criteria:

  • take more than five medicines a day
  • have spent recent time in hospital
  • confusion around medication
  • concerns around medications
  • inconsistent taking of medication


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