Artz & Kay Pharmacy today launched the new eRx Express app so that people in the area can order their scripts using their smart phone, making it easier to manage their medicines.

eRx Express is part of eRx Script Exchange’s national network which lets GPs and pharmacists exchange electronic prescriptions safely and securely. This new app means that customers can scan and pre-order their medicines for pick up on the day and time that they want.

Michael Artz, Pharmacist, Artz & Kay Pharmacy, said “The eRx Express app is perfect for busy people who want to skip the busy lunch hour or fit picking up script medicines around other commitments. Pre ordering scripts speeds up the process and saves on time waiting to collect medicines.”

“People are now using their mobile apps for every aspect of their lives, from banking, checking the weather, connecting with friends, finding shops and services, and looking at real estate. Now they can now connect with us just as easily.”

eRx Express is ideal for people who are busy, or who might need to plan a trip to a pharmacy, whether because they live regionally, are socially isolated, need the support of a carer, or have other complications such as chronic health issues.

“Ultimately, we expect this to mean less waiting time for our customers and patients, and that’s a real positive. Anything we do to reduce queue times means that we can spend more time helping people with their wider healthcare needs, and that can only benefit the community.”

“It’s also a further step forward in terms of providing the best possible safety for our customers. The app integrates directly into our dispensing and into the national scripts network through eRx Script Exchange. This means that people’s information doesn’t need to be retyped, it comes exactly as the doctor prescribed, which reduces the potential for medicine mixups.”

The free app has three easy steps for people:

  • scan scripts, anywhere, anytime, using the QR code that appears on the prescription
  • submit the script or scripts to the pharmacy
  • nominate a pick up time and date to collect their medicine
  • Make payment via the app – further saving time

The paper prescription needs to be taken into the pharmacy at the time that medicines are collected.

eRx Express is a free new app for iPhone, Android and Windows smart phones. It can be downloaded now at the App Store for iPhone, Google Play for Android, and Windows Phone for Microsoft.


The new eRx Express smart phone app is part of eRx Script Exchange, Australia’s first national electronic prescriptions exchange, which connects more than 15,500 doctors and 3,900 pharmacies to improve patient safety and dispensing efficiency. The app uses individual QR codes which replicate the eRx barcode information on each script, therefore sending script requests safely and securely via the eRx Script Exchange’ national eScripts network.

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